The Princess’s Cup Thailand is coming back

The Princess’s Cup Thailand is coming back. The event will be held on 7-17 December 2023 at the royal stable unit of Thailand (BTS Sanam Pao) Bangkok. The event will be held under the concept ‘Enjoy Our Gender Equality Sport with Harmony of Horse and Human’. This concept reflects how equestrian is viewed as a sport that promote gender equality. Most sports are divided by gender. But the gender of horseback riders and drivers is not considered an advantage or disadvantage. Therefore, in equestrian events there’s no need to level the playing field by segregating men and women.

There are five competition categories in the Princess’s Cup Thailand 2023. The five categories include dressage, jumping, eventing, best farrier, and best groom. Alongside this event, there will be a number of exciting activities, including dog competitions, a Dog Fun Run program, a product bazaar, a flea market featuring street food vendors and food trucks, and an exhibition.


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