Thailand proudly presents Thai cultural shows at the 74th FIFA Congress 2024 in Bangkok

Among the highlights of the 74th FIFA Congress 2024 in Bangkok will be fascinating cultural shows. Awaken your senses to the unique identity of Thai cultural heritage and Thai cultural arts at Government House on 15 May.
Thailand proudly presents an exquisite show of Thai traditional culture to tell the story of Thai heritage by incorporating elements such as literature, music, and dance, all conveyed through intricately designed performances.
The Khon performance series "Yok-rob" presents a battle between Phra Rama, Phra Lak, the army of apes, and Totsakan, the giant of Longka. The battle of the two sides is filled with stylish dancing and dramatic battle scenes, presented with a skill that is beautifully unique.
There will also be performances from four regions of Thailand.
The North will present “Fon Phang Prathip,” a joyous and lively weaving procession.
The Northeast will present “Phi Ta Khon,” which portrays the spirited Ghost Mask procession, representing the spiritual essence of the region.
The South showcases “Nang Talung,” traditional shadow puppets created from batik fabric.
And the central region will impress audience members with the solemn “Long Drum procession,” celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the central plains.
Also, the renowned Thai puppet troupe known as the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre will rock the attendees with their remarkably expressive inanimate objects, which almost come to life, captivating audiences with their magical allure.

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