Thailand grants 30-day visa exemption for Indian and Taiwanese tourists starting from 10 November 2023 until 10 May 2024

The Royal Thai Government has approved a visa exemption scheme for holders of Indian and Taiwanese passports or travel documents, effective from 10 November 2023 to 10 May 2024, to allow them to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days. This temporary arrangement aims to boost tourism and make it easier for Indian and Taiwanese tourists to travel to Thailand.

From January to September, Thailand welcomed more than 1.16 million Indian tourists. The number is expected to reach 1.55 million by the end of 2023. Regarding Taiwanese tourists, Thailand expects to reach 700,000 Taiwanese by the end of this year.

At present, tourists from 59 countries/ territories can enter Thailand without a visa. Additionally, the Cabinet has recently agreed to grant visa exemptions to tourists from China and Kazakhstan for a temporary period, aimed at boosting tourism during the final quarter of the year. 


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