"PAD KRAPHRAO" The Cure-All Thai Dish & The Award-Wining Recipe

While there’s a variety of Pad Kraphrao in Thailand, know this: the orthodox version usually calls for just the meat (any choice of protein), the paste, and lots of holy basil. For a taste reference, Pad Kraphrao is fiery with pungent aromas of freshly pounded Thai garlic and chillies. The sugar and other sauces are only meant to round up, never sweeten, the overall flavors.

Here’s the recipe we stole from the winners at the recent World Kaphrao Thailand Grand Prix 2023. 

For more information about that event, visit worldkaphrao.com.
To plan your trip over for our Pad Kraphrao and local deliciousness, go to tourismthailand.org.

Source: Amazing Thailand


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