Bangkok and Chiang Mai named among best Asian cities for expats

Preply, an online language-learning marketplace, has released its rankings on the top ten cities for expats moving to Asia in 2024. Two cities in Thailand, including Bangkok and Chiang Mai, were recognized among them.

Taking the second place, the website describes Bangkok as the city with the highest return rate of all Asian cities analyzed. From vibrant street food to magnificent temples, Bangkok is full of culture and opportunities for relocators. The cost of living in Bangkok has also more than halved over the last couple of years, going from US$2,715 in 2022, to $1,048 in 2024. In fifth is Chiang Mai, with a monthly living cost of $665.

The ten best cities for expats, according to Preply’s analysis, are Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Penang, Chiang Mai, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, and Taipei.


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