Suvarnabhumi International Airport has been ranked 7th among the world's most luxurious airports.

After analyzing more than 1,800 airports, the British travel insurance company AllClear narrowed the field to 69 of the most opulent airports in the world. Thailand's largest airport, Suvarnabhumi International Airport, rated 7th with a score of 55/100. The criteria were based partly on how many passenger lounges were available (at least 10). Each airport was then ranked on a variety of other criteria, including how many designer shops it has and how many 4- and 5-star hotels are close by. Each airport was also given a score based on the number of lounges available to passengers, as well as whether there is a champagne bar or caviar house where passengers can relax while waiting to board. 

 Check out the 15 most luxurious airports in the world, along with their luxury scores, below:
1. Dubai International Airport (83/100)
2. London Heathrow Airport (82/100)
3. Hamad International Airport (73/100)
4. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (66/100)
5. Sydney International Airport (61/100)
6. Singapore Changi Airport (61/100)
7. Suvarnabhumi International Airport (55/100)
8. Hong Kong International Airport (52/100)
9. Frankfurt Airport (52/100)
10. Narita International Airport (49/100)
11. New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (48/100)
12. Incheon International Airport (45/100)
13. Munich Airport (45/100)
14. Zurich Airport (44/100)
15. Tokyo Haneda International Airport (42/100)


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