10 most popular locations for international filming in Phang-nga

Thailand’s Department of Tourism, unveiling its records on 11 October 2023, found that the ten most popular locations for international shooting in Phang-nga, Thailand’s southern province on the Andaman coast, are as follows:

1. Panyee Island, an island that is famous for the floating fishing village on the sea;
2. Panak Island, an ideal island for canoeing, swimming, cave exploring, and wildlife watching;
3. Yao Yai Island, a still-authentic piece of Thailand with few tourism-oriented developments;
4. Yao Noi Island, with fine sandy beaches on almost the entire realm of the island;
5. Si Phang-nga National Park, a forested piece of land that is home to a large variety of flora and fauna;
6. Ao Phang-nga National Park, world renowned for the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, as well as material evidence of pre-historic human activity;
7. Mu Ko Surin National Park, one of the most famous diving and marine life viewing sites, with its coral gardens and white beaches;
8. Ko Panyee fishing village, covering Panyee Island, with an area of approximately 1 rai (1,600 sq m) and 200 houses, where most of the dwellers earn their living by fishing;
9. Mu Ko Similan National Park, a park with rich marine life, consisting of hard and soft coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, and white beaches, making the Similan Islands one of the best diving sites in the world;
10. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, offering beautiful panoramas of the surrounding scenery of Phang-nga Bay with turquoise waters, and limestone peaks towering over green mangrove forests.

Foreign film producers have continued to choose Thailand as a favored shooting location because of its attractiveness in term of diverse geographical characteristics, historical sites, natural beauty, and local culture, as well as the incentive measures (such as a cash rebate up to 20%). More information can be found at http://tfo.dot.go.th/.


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