Innovation 12-Month Webinar: A New Approach to Learning History, A Pathway to the Future

     The "12-Month Webinar: A New Approach to Learning History, A Pathway to the Future" activity is a part of the initiative promoting an innovative approach to learning history for students and communities. The primary target groups are teachers of history or social studies, religion, culture, and other subjects who are interested.

     This activity aims to enable teachers to develop and change their teaching methods or apply innovative instructional management that can integrate with cross-network departments and to create supportive pathways for schools in history education.

     The 12-month webinar opens the world of learning history with a new approach, a pathway to the future, divided into 12 activities each month as follows:

  1. Close-up History
  2. Warm Love Thai Ancestry
  3. Treasure of Wisdom
  4. Patterns of Community Life
  5. Creative Cultural Nation
  6. Borderless Civilization Creates a Global Community
  7. Exploring World Cultures
  8. Creating Citizens of the Future
  9. The Role of Good Global Citizens
  10. Communication Innovations for Happiness
  11. Innovation Competition: "History Hero Youth Club"
  12. The Hero Festival Symposium

Each activity will be divided into 2 main rooms and 5 Classrooms:

     Master Classroom 1 (Mothership 1): Meeting the Guru before learning. This room is where you meet the guru, history experts, senior executives, and prepare (Check Up) before entering Classrooms 1 - 5.

  • Classroom 1 (Capsule 1): Learn History with Heart. This focuses on learning the key content of each month through Active Online Learning.
  • Classroom 2 (Capsule 2): History Superfan. This emphasizes the process and a variety of teaching techniques that align and connect with the learning of history each month through Active Online Learning.
  • Classroom 3 (Capsule 3): Shopping for Innovations of Wisdom. This room emphasizes the method of selecting learning materials, researching, using historical learning materials to achieve alignment, and application in diverse teaching arrangements.
  • Classroom 4 (Capsule 4): Creating Simple Media Innovations. This room focuses on the concept of creating simple and diverse media, applying them in designing various teaching methods, and producing simple outputs such as developing innovations or student projects in a Project-Based format.
  • Classroom 5 (Capsule 5): A Stage of Sharing, a Community of Learning. This room emphasizes the process, having exchanges with renowned and important individuals who can create experiences and decipher good practices or behaviors that teachers can apply in the classroom.

     Master Classroom 2 (Mother Ship 2): The Conclusion of Learning in all 5 Classrooms, and Continuing the Historical Jigsaw Puzzle. The room focuses on the combination of learning history with performance assessment in Active Learning that extends from 5 rooms to the creation of learning units, and the development of important dates, learning plans, a new way of learning history, and the path to the future.

For participation, listening, or training, you can request for a certificate as follows:

  • Submit evidence of participating in training for 3 hours each month to be approved to print a certificate. The certificate will be a Pass Grade (Classic).
  • Participants who have completed the training, had a PLC with fellow teachers in the school, school administrators or educational supervisors, and submitted a simple piece of work in the system will be approved for an additional Excellent Grade Silver Certificate (everyone will receive a certificate).
  • Participants who have contributed to the creation of innovations in various forms, chosen techniques and innovations from the learning of each room or each month, and participated in the exchange activities in month 10 or attended at least 6 months of training will be approved for an additional Gold Grade Certificate (everyone will receive a certificate).
  • Participants who have received an award from an innovation competition and passed the excellent grade criterion of 80% or higher will be approved to print an additional Platinum Grade Certificate (everyone will receive a certificate in case of a team).
    Source: Office of Basic Education Commission


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