Thammasat University Introduces its Fifth Campus in the Metaverse World

     The Metaverse is starting to revolutionize education in Thailand, with technology playing a pivotal role in transforming the learning process.

     Thammasat University, a leading educational institution in the country, has developed a new learning platform in a virtual world for students and the public, under the project Thammasat Metaverse. This project was developed in academic collaboration with the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA) in South Korea.

     Thammasat University has launched its fifth campus in the virtual world, known as "Thammasat Metaverse Campus". This employs the modern world's “Metaverse” technology to develop a platform for educational connectivity, business, and various activities. It is open to students and the general public, upholding the university's original intention of being an open university for everyone.

The new campus in the Metaverse world has been designed to answer various challenges, including:

  1. Immersive Learning Classrooms, which elevate the experience of a new teaching model, exceeding traditional online learning or even classroom learning.
  2. VR Museum of History, Culture and Democracy, a learning museum for history, culture, and democracy that Thammasat University has long possessed, using virtual reality (VR) technology.
  3. Next Generation Omnichannel Marketplace, an online marketplace for buying and selling products, along with convenient and efficient payment channels.
  4. 88 Sandbox Spaces, a business incubation project for start-ups, offering opportunities for students and the general public to pitch, meet, and mingle with mentors.
  5. Metaverse Health Center, a hospital providing health services in the virtual world.

     The development of the Thammasat Metaverse Campus, situated on the T - Verse platform, has completed the architectural design of various sections and is in the system testing and security development stage. The collaboration with BIPA will help expand potential, support knowledge, and provide capital for further platform development.

Source: Thammasat University

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