"Metaverse Technology and Its Application" - A Short Course by Chulalongkorn University in Support of Lifelong Learning Policy

     The Metaverse, or virtual world, is bringing the world of learning closer to us by leveraging technology. Hence, in the era of the Metaverse, opportunities are created for job creation, career establishment, as well as opening up new learning experiences.

     With this, it is anticipated that professions or knowledge relating to the creation of the Metaverse will be increasingly in demand in the market. However, for Thailand, this is still a new subject and there is a lack of experts.

     Therefore, the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University has developed a short course "Metaverse Technology and Its Application" to open up opportunities for the general public to enroll and learn. Using technology has become a part of life.

     The course "Metaverse Technology and Its Application" is 30 hours long and is focused on enabling students to create a Metaverse. The theory and practice are divided into 3 parts:

  1. Model Creation: When you have content to present in the Metaverse, the first step is to create a model. The course will teach 3D modeling using Blender, a free program capable of creating models and animations of quite good quality.
  2. Combining Models into One World: This is the process of bringing all the models into one application using Unity software. All the models we have created can then become one world.
  3. Connecting the World to Devices: Once we have one world, we have to connect our world to devices. The devices used in this course will be Oculus glasses or VR (Virtual Reality) glasses, which will be the devices that will enable us to access the world we have created.

     By studying the course "Metaverse Technology and Its Application", learners will gain the basic knowledge to truly create their own Metaverse. Students can create at least one of their own worlds and will receive a certificate upon completion of the course for real-world application according to their interests.

     Those interested in the course "Metaverse Technology and Its Application" can follow the details of the application and find other subjects from the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, that are ready for everyone to Reskill – Upskill at the website of the Chula Engineering project that supports Lifelong Learning.

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