The Partnership School Project: Enhancing Thai Children's Education Quality

     The Partnership School Project is an education management concept under the cooperative roles of the Ministry of Education and companies, foundations, organizations, or institutions that support resources and participate in managing schools. This extends the scope of public schools, focusing on improving the quality of education in various aspects. This project aims to drive education reform in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy. It innovatively manages schools under the Partnership School Project model, providing flexibility and independence in administration. This involves academic management, budget management, human resource management, and general management, all while taking responsibility for learners by involving all sectors, supporting appropriate and necessary resources.

     The first batch of the project started from the first semester of the 2018 academic year in schools under the Ministry of Education nationwide. 50 schools from 34 provinces participated, with support from 12 private sector entities and various organizations. The second batch, in the first semester of the 2019 academic year, saw additional schools joining the project, increasing the number to 84 schools, with 27 supporting entities.

     In 2023, the third batch of the "Partnership School Project" involved 73 schools from across the country, with support from more than 20 organizations. It created a collaboration among various sectors in the management, development, and support of schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. It enhanced quality and created innovative management in schools to improve academic performance, prepare students for the future, and reduce educational disparities.


Source: Office of Basic Education Commission

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