The "Student: Youth Counselor" Project, Creating Happiness in Schools

     The Student: Youth Counselor (YC) project empowers recognized and trustworthy students with communication skills and counseling abilities to aid their peers. The project is an integral part of the student care system, addressing academic issues, personal problems, or any other difficulties. It serves as a foundation of knowledge for practical work, closely guided by guidance teachers.

     The royal-donated books “Jitta Nakhon: The World Capital” and “Right Intention” have been implemented in schools under the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC). They provide guidance on self-understanding, society, and beneficial choices aligning with their contexts to be applied in conjunction with the project.

     Several schools have successfully implemented the project in diverse ways in the 2022 academic year. Notable examples include the morning activities in Lamphun, where students prepare for the day with meditation and Jitta Nakhon songs, or the "Good Deed Storytelling" activity that uses the characters from Jitta Nakhon and Right Intention to convey core concepts, thereby nurturing students at secondary school level. Other activities include camps like "Keep the Distance from Cravings", library activities, and summarizing concepts to apply to daily life.

     The project, delivered through peer students of similar ages via the Student: Youth Counselor (YC) activities in secondary schools, provides another approach for students to apply the core concepts to themselves and offer counsel to their peers. The advice can be based on the insights gained from the story or reading sections, fostering mutual understanding in a peer-to-peer manner.

     Furthermore, preparation is underway to analyze the content of the books and supplementary materials “Jitta Nakhon: The World Capital” and “Right Intention” in comparison with the desirable characteristics outlined in the 2008 Basic Education Core Curriculum. This provides a guideline for schools to utilize these resources for nurturing their students' characteristics. Moreover, learning resources related to “Jitta Nakhon: The World Capital” and “Right Intention” are being compiled for dissemination to schools and students broadly and easily, enabling robust knowledge acquisition and application to present-day life, leading to resilience and happiness.

     The Student: Youth Counselor (YC) project is an activity that effectively reaches out to students. When integrated with life-sustaining principles and happiness-inducing practices derived from the core concepts and stories of “Jitta Nakhon: The World Capital” and “Right Intention”, the project helps build good immunity in life. Pioneering teachers have been developed to promote these valuable principles for everyday application, encouraging students to think and adapt them to their daily life.

Source: Office of Basic Education Commission

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