Bodhisastra University organizes the teaching and learning process of the New Political Academy

Bodhisastra University organizes the teaching and learning process of the New Political Academy

    Bodhisastra University is an independent educational organization that offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees through a distance learning system for interested people worldwide. The university is a member of the United States Distance Learning Association, a self-learning system under the guidance of professors and classroom learning educators in the United States. The university aims to connect learning spaces and networks to cultivate the human spirit toward community and societal prosperity, based on goodness and beauty, according to the principles of religion and local wisdom. The main target groups are educators, state administrators, and local organization managers.

The main target groups are the following:

  • Community leaders, groups, organizations, and networks with community and social development activities, as well as various community organizations such as the village fund group, savings group, Community Welfare Group, Women's Group, and Elderly Group;
  • Local leaders, such as village headmen, assistants to elders as well as elected leaders, such as members of the SAO, members of the municipal council, and national politicians;
  • Entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs with awareness of social and environmental development;
  • Community-based private development groups (NGOs);
  • Those interested in alternative education or a new educational alternative;
  • Monks and clergy in major religions, such as Christianity and Islam, who wish to develop education for the people who would like to access religious principles, and for improving the quality of life of families and communities.

    The university aims to connect a network of learning areas in the United States, Thailand, and ASEAN countries, such as alternative educational institutes, universities, learning centers, and educational institutions.

     These collaborations are a collaboration in education for the development of social entrepreneurship and the stimulation of learning about local wisdom, such as herbs, arts and culture, conservation of nature and the environment, and the promotion of community cooperation, in keeping with religious principles.

     In addition, these partnership networks have raised funds to establish universities and supported volunteer efforts in education to promote learning and knowledge creation among the people, leading to new opportunities for the country.

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