The Learning Promotion Act elevates NFE to the "Department of Learning Promotion”

The Learning Promotion Act elevates NFE to the "Department of Learning Promotion”

     The Promotion of Learning Act, B.E. 2566 (2023), effective on 19 May 2023, after being announced in the Royal Gazette, is a legal enactment  aimed at elevating the Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education (NFE) to become the "Department of Learning Promotion.” Its main responsibilities include organizing, promoting, and supporting learning in three forms, as follows:

  1. Lifelong learning;
  2. Learning for self-development;
  3. Learning for academic qualifications.

     Under this Act, the government is required to provide education to the public according to various needs, including promoting lifelong learning and fostering collaboration between the state, local administrative organizations, and the private sector in educational management. This is done by creating opportunities for those who have not received formal education or who live in remote or disadvantaged areas to access learning resources and develop their potential, skills, and expertise.

     Improvements to learning management and the structure of learning management units are necessary to achieve the goal of lifelong learning.

     The objective of this Act is to develop individuals to be complete in body, mind, emotion, society, and intelligence. They should be good people, disciplined, aware of their rights and responsibilities, proud and conscious of the importance of the nation, religion, monarchy, and democratic government with the King as the head of state.

     They should understand the benefits of the collective and the nation, be self-sufficient, be rational, have good self-protection, be eager to learn, knowledgeable, cautious, have ethics, and be honest. They should also have a sense of responsibility toward themselves, their families, communities, society, and the country, and be good citizens who can coexist with others in Thai and global societies.

     Furthermore, this Act aims to ensure that individuals have learning skills, professional skills, and life skills that are consistent with global development and provide opportunities for personal development or to enhance their skills according to their interests or necessities.

Data updated on April 05, 2023
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