“Year of Thai Tourism 2023” sets a revenue target of 2.38 trillion baht

     Thailand expects tourism income in 2023 to be at least 2.38 trillion baht

     The complete return of Thai tourism in 2023 is viewed as a new challenge for Thailand’s Tourism Authority, which must address the issue of revitalizing the economy through intensive tourism by setting a goal for the tourism industry in 2023 of generating income from tourism equal to 80% of the period prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 (2019). The number of foreign tourists is expected to reach 50%, or at least 20 million people, generating 2.38 trillion baht in tourism revenue.

     Promoting this year as “Thai Tourism Year 2023” for domestic tourism, while continuing to promote international tourism as “Visit Thailand Year 2023: Amazing New Chapters” are important driving mechanisms that will ensure that Thai tourism will recover in accordance with the goals, both in terms of income and qualitative changes, to become High-Value and Sustainable Tourism.

     Another task is to enhance the supply chain (“Shape Supply”) in line with experiential tourism by presenting tourism products and services such as Soft Power (5F: Food, Festival, Film, Fight, Fashion) and developing sustainability standards to offer a superior travel experience. “Create Meaningful Travel” is a policy to make Thailand a travel destination with many values and meanings, such as “Jai Rak,” having a good sense for the community and conservation of nature and the environment; “Impression,” the experience gained from quality travel products and services; and “Have a heart,” return to visit again when the opportunity arises.

     As for the promotion of the tourist market, TAT has set a strategy of Value Over Volume, giving weight to the proportion of quality over quantity. The domestic market will be focused on transforming “Thai Tiew Thai” (Thai people travel around Thailand), producing a new travel legend that will be an impressive Thai Tiew Thai Limited Edition. It also emphasizes its strengths as a Soft Power (5F) selling point and organizes large campaigns to stimulate tourism, such as the “365 Days of Wonder” project or “365 Wonders of Thailand: Visit Every Day” or “Travel 365 Wonderful Days in Thailand,” the 100-day project, Visit Thailand 2023, Amazing Thailand Festival Experience 2023, Thailand Tourism Promotion Project, and so on.



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