His Majesty King Rama X Bestows Dhamma-Themed Royal Artwork

His Majesty King Rama the 10th has generously provided a painting crafted by His own hand, accompanied by a Dhamma teaching named Dhammanava “Wang”, which emphasizes practices for overcoming suffering.
The royal artwork incorporates practices for relief from suffering, methods to remember the Three Jewels of Buddhism -- Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha --, and the Four Noble Truths.
These artworks by His Majesty can be freely downloaded from the Bureau of the Royal Household’s official website at "royaloffice.th."
Incorporating the Triple Gem and the Four Noble Truths into one's life offers a profound framework for peaceful living. The Triple Gem encourages reflection on the Buddha's enlightenment, adherence to the Dharma -- his teachings --, and support within the Sangha, fostering a mindset of mindfulness, ethical conduct, and community support.
The Four Noble Truths serve as a guide to understanding suffering, its origin, cessation, and the path leading to its end, offering a practical approach to navigate life's challenges with wisdom and compassion.


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