If I work in Thailand and I'm taken advantage of or mistreated by my employer, what should I do?

      If foreign workers in Thailand are not treated fairly in their work, such as being taken advantage of by employers, receiving wages that do not meet the agreement, underpayment of wages, or being mistreated, they can ask for help and claim justice through many channels, as follows:

 1. Ministry of Labor Hotline, tel. 1506, 

  • Press 1: Social Security Office;
  • Press 2: Department of Employment (or contact via online channels on www.doe.go.th);
  • Press 3: Department of Labor Protection and Welfare (or call 1546 or contact via online channels on the website www.labour.go.th);
  • Press 4: Department of Skill Development;
  • Press 5: Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor, or phone numbers of all provincial employment offices.  


2. Accident reporting hotline, call 191;

3. Emergency sickness, call 1669;

4. Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Hotline, tel. 1300 (for human trafficking offenses);

5. Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand, call 1377 or contact via online channels on www.nhrc.or.th.

      In the year 2022, the Ministry of Labor received many complaints through the hotline 1506 through the Department of Organizing with foreign workers calling 1,449 times and skilled migrant workers 135 times, and there was one report about foreign workers working illegally. At the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, it was found that there were 803 notifications about wages, 526 times about severance pay, and 322 times about holidays, leave, and breaks for employees.  

      Foreign workers are warned that they should enter Thailand legally and work legally in order to receive the protection and welfare as allowed by law and to prevent being taken advantage of and becoming victims of abuse. 

Source : Dharmniti Law Office Co., Ltd.
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