Health Link: Nationwide hospital health information exchange system

     With today's technology, service systems are becoming more convenient and faster, including health services provided by hospitals. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) has developed the Health Link platform to facilitate the connection and exchange of health records and treatments between hospitals more efficiently, allowing doctors to access patient health information from other hospitals. Patients can control who has access to their information, which helps protect personal data.

     Furthermore, in emergency cases where a patient loses consciousness, a doctor can quickly retrieve the patient's data and use this information to help save their lives in the emergency room.

     Benefits of Health Link:

  • For patients: It provides convenience, saves time as they no longer have to personally request information from hospitals, and gives doctors access to crucial data that can improve their treatment.
  • For doctors: It saves time in diagnosing patients, allows for faster and more accurate decisions, and improves patient care efficiency.

     Health Link has improved its registration system for greater public convenience, especially for those without smartphones or those who are not familiar with using applications. Now, individuals can register with just their national identification card at various hospital service points. The implementation began with 11 hospitals under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in May 2023.

     Currently, more than 300 hospitals nationwide are participating in the Health Link project. The goal for 2023 is to connect patient data between more than 200 hospitals to provide convenience for people using these services.

     In the past year, the Government Big Data Institute (GBDi), the developer of Health Link, has promoted public registration to join the Health Link project. This gives hospitals permission to forward patient data into the system via the 'Pao Tang' application under the interesting benefits of the Health Wallet feature. Now, registration can be done at the hospitals.


Source: The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, 120 Moo 3, 6-9th Floor, Ratthaprasasanabhakti Building, Government Complex, Chaeng Watthana Road, Thung Song Hong Sub-district, Laksi District, Bangkok 10210 
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